lost in a trance

try not to die...

Thank you for playing Lost in a Trance! You have embarked on the land of Baradwys. A land that is only limited by your imagination. There are tons of classes, five races, and lots of room to grow and improve on the world. There is only one rule in this world: survive. Death in the game means death in the real world.

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Sorry guys to do this...I've had an extremely busy time hit between constantly being sick and work, and works altered my hours so I went from 40 hours a week to 45 or more some times. As such, I do not have the time to be running a site. I might see some of you around on other sites, as I do hope to be able to continue rping, I just cannot handle both the admin side and the posting side as somehow, one side always winds up getting all the attention and the other neglected.

If you would like to remain in touch, you may skype me at Shinyxoxmuffins or you may message me via discord at Jess #3136. I hope to see / hear from you all and please forgive me for taking so long to get this out to you.
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Please be aware that my overall goal with this cbox is to provide an open and friendly environment. However, I cannot do that alone. So here are a few things I expect. Most of it is commonsense.

1. Pick an OOC name and stick to it. Do NOT pretend to be anyone else.
2. Keep it mostly pg-13. We are not premium yet, and I wouldn't want porn and stuff posted in the cbox even if we were. Just keep it relatively clean and if someone asks you to stop something, do so.
3. Keep negative stuff offsite. Bad things happen, it sucks, and the staff is here if you need us, but please do not come in acting awful to the members just because you had a bad day or don't feel good. Just don't visit for the day if you cannot be nice.
4. No advertisements without staff permission.
5. Put on clothes. The cbox just looks better with them. It's fine if you're on your phone and don't have them, but if you're on a computer, put some on.

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